Local Photography . Local Invitations

We are here to help.

Alpha Singapore has put together a series of localised photography and easy-to-use templates to help you publicise your Alpha.

  1. Standard Posters and Banners
    Standardised, plug and play posters and banners you can simply download and use right away.
  2. Templates
    Designs for digital invitations you can easily furnish with your own course details.
  3. Do-it-Yourself Tools
    Local photography and the Alpha brand guidelines to give you everything you need to create your own invite.


Sample invitations, posters and banners you can use as a reference as you create your own invitations.


To make the invitation unique to your Alpha, simply add your course details into these blank templates before sharing.

Download logos, photos, and editable templates (in PowerPoint / InDesign) to publicise your Alpha.

Prefer to design via Canva? Get access to print and digital Canva templates via the link below!

To give you even more customisability, Alpha Singapore has put together a local photography library. We are making this available to you so that you may create your own invitations and banners. Be sure to check out our brand guidelines for the latest updates on our colours, fonts and logos.

Get in touch with our comms team for more enquiries and further customisations.

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