This is a 3-part invitation plan for your services leading up to your Alpha launch. It’s a way to involve your whole congregation in the invitation, to inspire and equip them to invite, and to promote Alpha to guests at your services and events.

This page is accompanied by the Alpha Sunday Service Guide that details talking points, how to get people involved, and follow-up conversations. 

An effective lead-up to launching your next Alpha contains three key elements. This page provides all the resources and guidance you need to create a culture of invitation in your congregation, equipping them to confidently explain what Alpha is, and inspire them to invite people to Alpha in the new year.

What is Alpha?

Introduce what Alpha is to your congregation

Create a Culture of Invitation

Encourage your church community to pray for and invite people in their life to explore the Christian faith on Alpha

Alpha Invitations

Share the invitation to Alpha at your services and events

1 – What is Alpha?

This resource pack has everything you need to effectively communicate what Alpha is to your community so that they feel empowered to invite their loved ones to ask questions and explore the hope of Jesus, maybe for the first time.

‘Alpha Film Series Trailer’ & ‘What is Alpha?

For your Sunday services

Grid & story posts for your social media

2 – Creating a Culture of Invitation

Sharing your faith can be scary…but Alpha creates a space where you can simply invite a friend to explore their questions over food, a video talk, and a small group discussion. The rest is up to God. 

‘Alpha Film Series Trailer’ & ‘Who Will You Invite?’

For your Sunday service & social media 

Print and give to your congregation to pray 

Posters & postcards

3 – Alpha Invitations

Here are some resources for you to help your congregation start inviting their friends and family to join your next Alpha run.

‘Try Alpha’ & ‘Alpha Stories’

For your Sunday services

Grid & story posts for your social media

Posters & postcards

Create publicity that works for you!

Alpha Singapore has put together a series of localised photography and easy-to-use templates to help you publicise your Alpha. You can use these assets to create publicity that works best for your own unique Alpha group.

  1. Standard Posters and Banners
    Standardised, plug and play posters and banners you can simply download and use right away.
  2. Templates
    Designs for digital invitations you can easily furnish with your own course details.
  3. Do-it-Yourself Tools
    Local photography and the Alpha brand guidelines to give you everything you need to create your own invite.


Sample invitations, posters and banners you can use as a reference as you create your own invitations.


To make the invitation unique to your Alpha, simply add your course details into these blank templates before sharing.

To give you even more customisability, Alpha Singapore has put together a local photography library. We are making this available to you so that you may create your own invitations and banners. Be sure to check out our brand guidelines for the latest updates on our colours, fonts and logos.

How Can We Serve You?

Our team exists to serve leaders like you. We’d love to connect with you to help in planning and strategy and to pray with you. If you could use a partner in this journey of evangelisation, please let us know. It is our privilege to partner in petition for the needs of our friends. How can we be praying for you, your church or your loved ones, personally or professionally? All requests will be kept confidential. Connect with our National teams today.

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