Outreach Through Dance

Outreach Through Dance

I would start by telling young people, ‘You need God!’

Roy, a breakdance teacher, was on his way to the Chinese Internship Training in Kota Kinabalu. He stopped by Singapore to share his story of transformation with the girls at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ Alpha Day Away. We managed to get a quick conversation with him!

I accepted Christ in December 2011 and before I knew it, I was serving in the youth ministry in my church.

Many people marvel that even someone like me could be saved and be transformed.  Because I am young, it would be appropriate for me to speak to the youth. People often asked if I could speak to young people about Jesus Christ. My answer was always, “Sure!” I would start by telling young people, "You need God!"

“God, guide me!” That’s my daily prayer.  I see myself as a person who has his eyes blindfolded but in seeking God daily for direction and guidance, I will meet the right people and walk in the right paths.


I started out as a hardworking dancer, but all too soon I found myself smoking, drinking and taking drugs. I became restless, indulged in computer games and even lost interest in dancing.

Taking drugs felt somewhat like the devil’s way of imitating the experience of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I remember feeling like all my troubles were gone and experiencing a false sense of peace. But when the effects of the drug wore out, I would be completely worn out too! I would not have the energy to do anything but sit and stare blankly into space. All my troubles came back to haunt me and I felt alone.

 If I had continued with drugs, it would have eventually led me to death. I could not get out of the rut. At that time, I did not believe in hell, if I had to die, that's it — I'll just die.

When I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I was lifted from all my troubles. I felt lighter. I went through a major transformation and was filled with rejuvenation that lasted for days and months, and I believe, will continue to last a lifetime. All this was also accompanied with the blessings of the fellowship and love of His people.

I have come to realise that many are passionate about reaching young people but not all are able to relate to them. I’m blessed to be working at a dance school as well as serving at youth ministry, as this facilitates my outreach to the youth.

I am now here in Singapore for a week. In this week, I’m not sure who I will be meeting but I know God has led me here.

God surprised me when I was introduced to Alpha running for youths by Theresa, part of the team at Alpha Singapore. These were exactly the topics I had been going through with my youths in the last year! Did I know about Alpha? — No! God however was leading me to cover all these topics with them, perhaps to prepare me for this work! God works in
mysterious ways! Praise God!

I think Alpha being run for youths is very relevant as it can be used to reach out to the young people I work with. I need a team and will wait for God’s instruction on what to do next.

The Chinese Internship Training Program is specially organised by key Chinese pastors and leaders. It consists of an 18-day programme and the purpose is two-fold:

1)      To bless and enrich the life of the church leader

2)      To equip and empower the church leader with a broad spectrum of skills he can bring back to his home town to re-build a community with discipleship and family values.

Testimony from Internship:

Ps Chen attended the Internship in 2010 and had a great passion for young people. He said: “Young people are drinking, doing drugs and gambling. Young people come to me, young professionals. They are under a lot of stress. They need to meet Jesus. Coming here, I have received a very strong impression of what God is doing. I believe God is going to use our church in a great way through Alpha.” To date, Ps Chen has done three runs of Alpha in her church and over 250 people have been baptised. All Glory to God!

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