Alpha for Cabbies @ Dempsey

Alpha for Cabbies @ Dempsey

Eric's story

I used to blame God all the time.

In Singapore's very first Alpha for Cabbies run at our Dempsey office, Eric shared that he enjoyed the time of fellowship with other cabbies, was excited to come back to the weekly sessions and looking forward to the celebration event, of course he was also more than happy to share his story with us!

I am a Christian but was a backslidden one. My marriage had problems and I decided to file for a divorce. After I spoke to my Pastor, he advised me against it and I withdrew the divorce proceedings. A while later, after a major quarrel, my ex-wife decided to file for the divorce instead. It was not easy but we had to go ahead with it.

Thereafter, life was difficult. I lost the house and was effectively homeless. I asked God why He did not intervene. After all, both of us are Christians. I prayed so hard and nothing happened. I blamed God on many occasions. They say that when one is desperate, anything that may help is worth giving a shot. Some of my cabby friends advised me to pray at a temple. I remember going to the temple and knelt for 2 hours. Still, nothing happened.

One of my cabby friends, Richard was very concerned about me. He would regularly ask me out for tea and to his fellowship group. Later he invited me to join him at Alpha for Cabbies. The experience at Alpha is different. We played games, interacted on a close level and watched the Nicky Gumbel video. You know, I seldom talk to ladies but at Alpha, I speak freely to everyone. People are friendly and we respect each other.

I used to blame God all the time. Through the videos and discussions, I understand the foundations of the Christian faith so much better. Now I know that God will answer in His time and nothing is impossible with God. Sometimes people say they are too busy to attend such meetings but to me it is really worth it!

It was for a few hours each Saturday between 10am – 1pm but there was so much joy shared in each meeting that money cannot buy. I used to know these people but I thank Alpha that now I know them better. I live in the Rochor area and used to visit the temple in that area. Things have changed and I no longer worship other gods.

During these weeks something also touched me. My younger daughter asked me to come home early. When I reached home, we went out to Swensen’s restaurant for dinner and a birthday cake was served. I asked, “Whose birthday is it?” She told me that it was my birthday. I was deeply touched with her loving gesture and at the same time, I was shocked because I was going through so many problems in my life I had thoroughly forgotten that it was my birthday. It is this same daughter who asked me to stay with her when I was homeless. She told me that it is her duty to look after me.

Through these weeks, these acts of kindness have moved me. Richard is also a friend who genuinely cares, he looks out for me and I’m so thankful that he invited me to Alpha for Cabbies! If he does ask me to continue helping out in a future Alpha run with other cabbies, I would definitely say yes! Celebration day is on the 7th November and I’m already looking forward to it!

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