Fire Starter

Fire Starter

This is the story of Albert McMakin.

Perhaps you have heard tell of this tale before, perhaps not but it is always worth repeating.

Albert McMakin was just your ordinary 24 year old farm hand who had recently received Christ at an evangelical rally in 1934. He was so moved that every night for the remainder of the rally, he would pack his truck full of people and drive them all to the meetings. There was a young man, William, no older than 16, whom McMakin really wanted to take to the rally. William was had wanted to go but was a bit ashamed to do so but McMakin managed to persuade him by letting him to drive the truck to the rally. After that first night, William accompanied Albert each night thereafter to the rally before finally giving his life to Christ.

Sadly, not much else is known of Albert McMakin and I only wish I had known the rest of his story but his little spark, William, went on to become a raging fire for Christ, preaching the Gospel and bringing many others to Christ as the famous evangelist Billy Graham.

As Nicky Gumbel put it in the Alpha videos, we might not all be Billy Grahams but we can all certainly be Albert McMakins. Remember: it only takes a spark to get a fire going.

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