Max @ the Cafe

Max @ the Cafe

This journey has also taught me to look at life with a different and more positive perspective.

When did you first attend Alpha, and how?

February 2011. I came to know about Alpha through a stranger (Lu Gim), whom I met while waiting for a client. She was caught in the rain and got stuck at the shelter outside my client’s restaurant and we began to chat. She shared about Alpha that would be happening at the Bookcafe from February 2011 every Monday for the next 10 weeks.

Unknowingly, we chatted for almost 30 minutes and when I called my client later, he even thought I had forgotten about the meeting. This conversation introduced me to what Alpha was about.

What made you decide to attend?

Lu Gim told me that the tagline of the course was the question: “Is there more to life than this?”, and this caught my attention right away. At this point, my life was just work, work and more work. I was also bogged down by relationship problems, staff management issues, wrong hiring processes and many disappointments. I felt exhausted of any personal means to overcome all that I was facing. In short, everything seemed like a mess to me.

Being mentally exhausted to this extent because of all these things, the tagline seemed to hit me straight in the face.

Also, the fact that there was no pressure, no registration to be done and no course fees to be paid, no gimmicks and no requirements seemed too good to be true. They welcomed people from all walks of life too.

Though I was told that the course was conducted on a Christian platform, I felt no hesitation or reservation about it because I felt like I had nothing to lose.

What happened at Alpha?

It was the perfect and very comfortable environment as nobody pressured me each week to come back, and there was good food, a good video and good discussion time to share our thoughts about life and God.

What difference has it made to your life?

I now know God. I have received the Good News, understand the goodness of God and now have a purpose in life. It is no longer about myself, but about serving Him and His people.

Life is so different when we walk with God. This journey has also taught me to look at life with a different and more positive perspective.

I was once motivated by material wealth. I realize now these things will not bring me happiness.

 Faith, Hope and Love are three things that I have learnt and it is very much applicable not only in my relationship with God, but with my colleagues, clients, friends and family.

What made you come back to serve  in Alpha @ The Book Café?

As I came to know God through Alpha @ The Book Cafe, I realized that it was also a great way to reach out to people via the café. It is an easy, neutral and cosy platform where people can come together and explore Christianity. I want to serve and do my part in sharing the Gospel with more people through Alpha.

What would you say to someone you want to invite to Alpha?

You can attend many workshops and courses, but have you attended one that talks about life?

There is definitely MORE to life!


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